Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday, December 13

Chickens sure like getting out to scratch for a living. George turns them out each morning, and I am supposed to lock them up at night, but usually I forget and he has to lock them up himself.  A couple of nights we have forgotten to shut the door, but usually someone remembers.

Dan's horses.  The are down by the graveyard and I was standing in the road by Brother's house.

The Carroll Boone water tanks over the other side of 62 hwy.

The same picture, without zoom, zoom.

I took off today to go to Branson shopping.  I got Hannah's Barbie stuff, and PJ's for all the kids, but did not find Robert a big truck.  I am going to Tractor Supply Saturday. I think they have toy trucks.

Tried to call both Patsy and Betty, but no one was home.  Patsy is probably our grocery shopping as she got paid yesterday.  Betty is probably walking the road picking up cans to sell.  At least that is my story.


Sister--Three said...

We went squirrel hunting. Dr. tomorrow for me. Sq. hunting again in the afternoon. Deer season is over. We had fun today. I played with camera. I am learning about it. Had not tried a video and was pushing the wrong start button. duh!

The 4th Sister said...

love this camera!