Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines day

George arrived in Durango safely.  Hannah and Helen are doing his chores while he is gone.  We could call the them the two H helpers.  Here is Hannah putting the goats up last night.  She had a basketball game and I told her I had to get the goats in before we left.  She was motivated.  Here team is undefeated.  That is the first string is undefeated.  She is on the second string that plays one quarter after the first game.  She said it was not first string but A and B team.  Her B team is not undefeated.  She enjoys the playing and the practicing so it is good.

Helen says she is doing George's chores also, but I have not been there to watch.  She may just be watching my satellite TV and stealing tools and food.  If you enlarge the above pic, you can see her rescuing Robert and the blue barrel Sunday.

Weather has been really nice for February in the Ozarks.   


Sister--Three said...

Glad Helen is helping you. It takes a village!!

Sister--Helen said...

Helping Robert...Sunday I was looking out the bathroom window and I saw Hannah prancing along the pond bank walking her dog on a leash..I thought it was odd she was walking the dog way down there. So I continued to watch...she was almost all the way across the pond bank and then she stops and turns around....waiting....then I see it...the blue barrel they roll down hills in is just coming in sight up the far bank of the pond....I knew immediately who was pushing it...Robert...when he got it to the top of the bank he revolted. ....I knew it was a stand off when I saw him cross his arms over his chest...I went to help and he said..Thank goodness. ..Aunt Helen to the rescue. ...it is good to have a purpose