Monday, March 02, 2015

March be gone!

Yesterday it was a little warmer to start the day, above freezing at least, so I thought I would try a walk.  George said be careful because the dogs were sliding all over.  I had only gone a few feet before deciding a walk was out.

You had to stomp to break through the crust to keep your footing.

The tire ruts in the road were pure ice, so you had to be careful to walk in the snow crust instead of the tracks.

Ice on the trees.

The Husky stayed on the dark side when I went for my walk Saturday, but he was back and very hungry Sunday morning.  I don't think the dark side people feed all those dogs.

I did feed the goats and the horse.  I decided to water them in buckets.  I cleaned the old white truck and took two buckets of water to the barn.  By the time I got back up there, they were down here by the gate and only the horse was at the barn so he is the only one that got watered right then.  I am sure they found the water later, and it warmed up to upper thirties by afternoon.   It is supposed to be above  40 today, so the ice on the pond should open up.  Tuesday night and Wednesday we are supposed to get more.  I just can't wait.

I am not working today, as I am supposed to go for a checkup.  I will have to call because the last little snow we had, the  doctor took a snow day.


Sister--Three said...

Doctor report?

The 4th Sister said...

Fleta feeling bad for you having to go to work, look after kids, tend to Clays house, and my animals...wish I was there to help you...See if I was there from 4-7 PM I could do all of the help...then I want to be back in WA or AZ the rest of the day and night...and I did determine...clayton and I were both wrong...I am fat but I do get cold... Church tonight but sure you are home..

The 4th Sister said...

Oh have the goats been in the goat barn???