Sunday, March 01, 2015

Marching Eastward...

February has slowed my march, but we must solder on.  I logged a total of 89 miles in February, 11 miles short of my goal of 100 miles.  In February, I logged zero miles for 10 days, while in January it was only  7 days, and in December 11 days.  I have logged 194 miles since January 1, and I am now just past the snowy city of Rolla.  I searched google for a picture of the snow in Rolla, but all I found was pictures of he massive crash in I44, so I will just go with my own snow pictures from yesterday.

I walked 7 miles the morning of the last day of February.  I started out about 9:30 without my camera because the battery was dead.  I walked to Dan's gate, bemoaning no camera, then returned and got the big camera.  I just enjoy walking with the camera so much more than no camera walks.

We got about 3 inches all together, and then some freezing rain.  The net says we have freezing rain now, but I do not see anything falling.  My thermometer stands  at 31 degrees.

George took us to the store about 2 pm yesterday, so we have plenty of food.  We all went and we planned on feeding kids at Sonic, but Sonic had a snow day.  I made burgers and fries, but Hannah was not impressed.

Then, at 5 pm I walked up to see about Helen's house, which was warm and cozy with running water in all the right places, and walked on out the road for a mile, making yesterday's total 9 miles, the week's total 22 miles, and the month's total 89 miles.

I am supposed to go for my checkup tomorrow, snow permitting, where I will see if the walking is helping with the numbers.

Pictures to follow.

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Sister--Three said...

Hope your check up checks out!