Saturday, February 25, 2017


Down the river...

Just my opinion.

Years ago the very large chicken company I work for bought a very large beef company.  Soon afterwards the standard joke heard around our workplace was Big Beef bought us.  The people at the top in our chicken company were replaced by beef people.  Our corporate chicken philosophy was replaced by Big Beef philosophy.  The new leaders lead us to financial failure.  Chicken floated back to the top, and our Company is now back at the top.

Last year our Chicken Company bought a Consumer Food company.  Our Chicken Company's comeback in the last few years has been lead by Food Service, [ie selling our products to fast food companies for resale to consumers].  Consumer Food company mainly sells product directly to the consumer on store shelves.

I have been saying for a year no, They bought Us.  Over the last few months, Their people have replaced  Our people at the top of our food chain.  In our company replacement announcement, the names at the top of the ladder contained only one familiar chicken name.  This week, we changed our logo, even changing the color of the logo.  We have always been red and yellow.  Now we are blue and white.  Thursday, the server that calls up our in house company intranet was down.  Yesterday, and I know this thanks to our blog traffic feed, our webpage server was moved out of our traditional home town to a big city  up north, home of Consumer Food company.  The name of that city may foretell our future.  Look for Downer Grove in the feed next week and you will know what I am doing at work.

This will not have any effect really on my own work life, but it has major implications for those at the top.  In the next few years, many of them will likely move on to other real Chicken companies. 

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Sister--Three said...

Such a downer of a feeling. lol