Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cold, blowing Snow

Well, more like blowing ice.  My thermometer says  13 degrees.  I  think I am not going to Church this morning.  They probably will cancel Church.

This is Hannah's wish list in addition to an IPOD which I have bought her.  I am putting it here so I can find it. Now, I  need to get a case for it.  Our Walmart did not have a case that would fit it.  Boy wants trucks.

This is our packages for Church.  There is one grab bag for each of the kids, a dollar gift from each of us and Sister Joyce's picture box with this pretty picture album.

and prints of her Christmas play and VBS.  

Then, we may not even  have that tonight.  We will see.  There are lots of old people that do not like to get out on bad roads even if it is just a dusting of sleet.

Today Lisa Sigmon is supposed to come down and get the exerciser machine.  I have a package for her of  found gifts.  A Razorback purse Helen found and a calendar George found with cute pig pictures.   

If no one comes, I may go to wally world and get the other things on Hannah's list.  Next year we are making lists early.

George Jr. and Emily are in Japan with Lane and Summer having a great time.  I bet it is warmer there.

All I want for Christmas is spring weather.


Sister--Three said...

Winter not here yet and Larry said he was already tired of it.

Winnie Sneed said...

Everyone's church was cancelled this morning...icing started Friday night and now covered with four inches of snow...glad we got to the store before the worse hit. Sure glad our furnace is working...they said wind chill was -20 this morning. I end up buying acessories for the grand boys tech stuff on Amazon...I have for several years and I have always been pleased with what I got.