Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day

Fed the horse and then moved him across the road.

So he can have shelter, if he wants.  Although, I think he still stayed outside.  At least, he could get inside if he wants to.  Wore my Bass Pro boots.  They kept my feet dry and warm and have good traction.

Fed the goats and the chickens.  Left the dog feeding to George.

Horse eating what the goats missed.

Then walked to the red barn.

Saw about a half dozen on the rise the other side of Hampton's barn.

George Hampton's barn.

Alice doesn't live here any more.

Resting in peace.

Son installed a new ceiling fan in our living room.  It looks so sleek and nice. 

Sun came out and the kids got to go out for about 30 minutes.

All down hill.  Until you get to the bottom, then it is back up.

Horse thawed out.

He got out up at Helen's yard, and I had to lead him back from Dan's.

Dogs have a squirrel treed.

At sunset.

Stuff I stole from Helen's house.  I had a neck scarf like the one in the foreground that she bought for me, but I lost it somewhere.  They are what you really need when it is really cold.  She told me where hers was and I went and got it.  Also found this nice toboggan that she is not using, so I took it too.  I am going to wear it to work today.  George is taking me to work today. The kids will probably not go back to school til next week.

George is better, but he may have to go back to the doctor.  He has taken all his meds and still is not quite rid of this.  Robert is over it and Hannah has not gotten nearly as sick as Robert did.  Maybe I will not catch it.

Walked 6 miles yesterday.  I am at Waynesville, Missouri today.


Sister--Three said...

I hardly ventured out.

The 4th Sister said...

The horse is so pretty even with his winter coat...I am not feeling bad missing that snow.....yuck....glad you can use the winter wear....sunny and 50+ here today....I see my dog is still there... Don't worry about him. If he goes back I can sway him to my house...Clayton's house looks lonely!