Friday, January 01, 2016

New year, new OS

Early this AM before I started on my walk, I started my little computer upgrading to Windows 10.  Then, I walked 7 miles to start off the year.  Now, I am trying to get used to the computer changes.  It works OK, I guess, but I do not see any improvements.  And, their new Edge browser had frozen the whole system twice so that I just have to turn the computer off and restart it.  Luckily, I still have Chrome.  My advise about switching to Windows 10 is don't.  I  have always thought that switching OS on a computer is just a way of adding problems.  I think that is likely the case here.  I certainly would never update any system that did not have a touchscreen to this OS.

Above is one of the many photos I took today.  I think I took over 300 pics.  That makes for a problem finding the pic I want.  On the Windows 7 system, I bring the pic up in my editor and save-as to the main pic folder so it is more easily found.  After I use the pic, I move it to my blog pic folder on the computer, so there is usually only 2 or 3 pics in the folder I am looking in.  The problem is that the image is so small in the upload window it is so  hard to tell which one I wanted if there are a lot of images in the folder.

This is another one of many.

Really, what I like most about this little computer is reading books downloaded from the big library in the western shy.  I have not try that since this morning's update.  If I can't read library books now, I will really be pissed with this new thing.  Stay tuned.


Sister--Helen said...

Claytons house looks lonely...I am ready to be home

Sister--Three said...

If Helen was in momma's house there would be a light on!