Thursday, December 31, 2015

A few of Fleta's favorite things...

If Oprah can, I can also.

I love photography.  In the last 5 years, I have invested over $5000 in Canon cameras.  The last one because my go to camera had begun giving error message, can not read the SD card.  Sometimes I could get it to work, sometimes not.  Hannah now has that camera that cost $500 at Christmas time 2013 and I have the next step at Cannon SX60 found on clearance at our little Wallyworld at $150 less than the going rate online.  This was my Christmas present this year.  Well, I guess I would need to identify it as half George’s present, as he did not get anything.  I spent our entire Christmas budget on this one camera.

I enjoy looking at other’s photos on the web, somewhat like Sister Patsy loved spying on other bloggers from all over the world.  If you look at the blog links on her page, you will see many of them identified by their location.  She has many cities plus Russia, Vietnam, and India.  [on that vein, all three of these have ceased posting to their blogs.]  Sometimes, at work especially, I go through the links on her blog to see what I am missing.

One of my favorite photo spots on the web is Capture Arkansas.  Today I found this photographer from Searcy County.

Have a look and see his magnificent photos.  Many of the photographers that post to this site have equipment in the 5 figure range.  Several seem to waste even more time than Fleta going around the state taking photos for no real purpose except their own enjoyment of the hobby.

My ID there is twoaday
but I posted a half dozen photos when I signed up and have not posted anything since.  It takes time to do that, and I am not sure I still have my password.

Anyway, wonder on over and have a look at our beautiful state through the eyes of some really talented photographers.


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