Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - Going Down

It is now or never. Today is the day to do what you need to do in 2015.  Of course, that pic is not recent as I am at work, but it is one of mine and I think it is a sunset.

At the start of 2015 I told you of things planned for 2015, so today I am checking my progress.  Here is what I said I would do:

1.  Log the miles I walk -  Done, at 2011 as of last night
2.  15 minutes or maybe 30 minutes of strength training a day - One week only so not done
3.   Eat healthy, 5 vegetables and fruit each day - started off good, fell by the wayside around August
4.  Post on my blog at least every two days - Well, more like twice a month
5.  Read the Bible -  Read the Old Testament and studying New Testament at Sunday Bible Study  so
                                 I guess this is Half Baked 

Tomorrow I will post my plans for 2016.  And, hopefully a 2016 new year's sunrise.

Updte, and, while enjoying one of my favorite work pastimes, I came across this to steal.

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Donna said...

I have read through the Bible several years, but now I am reading fairly short passages out of the Gospels and Psalms, trying to give them plenty of thought and searching for something that might be directed at me.