Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bound for the Kingdom

It was back to regular Wednesday night Bible study. We had a really good turnout, 10 old adults and 22 children. Some I had not seen for a while including the little girl with the unruly hair. Marie said her name is Heather and she is a sister to Katherine, David and Bubba. I told her we were glad to see her back and hoped she could join us more often. She looked like someone has taken more interest in taking care of her than she did last summer. Her hair looked much better.

Elijah was there  behind Pam. Not sure who girl next to Ethany is, but I think she came to VBS.

Also not sure who the blonde on the right is.

They also sang I"ll Fly Away.

Next Wednesday I am taking treats.  I think I will take chicken, cake and jello.

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Sister--Three said...

So glad to have a home to go to with a reservation!!