Sunday, August 14, 2016

Goat news

Yesterday George and the kids sold crippled Billy over at the Huntsville sale.  They stayed and watched him sell.  He brought $150.  We thought that was pretty good considering his hurt leg.  When we loaded him, he was walking better than he has in a while.  I was surprised he brought that much.

This is Chocolate Milk, our replacement billy.  On the right is his mama, Holly, and behind him is his grandmother, Big White.  Big White is the only goat we have left of our starter goats.  We now have 5 grown nannies, and 5 young nannies born this year, plus one billy.  I guess that is 11 goats.  They will start having babies in December.

The tomatoes are about done.  I still have green peppers and hot peppers.  I am going to pick hot peppers for Helen's freezer this afternoon.  

Helen's kids have to be out of their new house Monday.  Helen says they have it all worked out and have almost everything done.  I guess it is  a week before they get to move into the new house.  Helen, we need to see pics of the new house.

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School tomorrow for Hannah and Robert