Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stay Tuned

Trump has his first security briefing today.  In a few days we will all know what he was told, or some version thereof.

Tonight is princess night at Church,  All the little girls around Hannah's age are going to Sister Joyce's for a meal and manners.  She is supposed to ware a dress.  Usually we ware shorts on Wednesday night during the summer.  She was all excited about it this week end.  Tonight, not so much.  I may have to make her ware a dress.

School was good  today, according to both kids.  They come home in really good spirits.  Dog is so excited to see them and vice versa.

I am taking chicken tonight.  I wasn't going to, but they were finishing a cook-off just before go home time, so I packed up some for the Church kids.

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