Sunday, February 08, 2015

Early Sunday Morning...

At five this morning, I awoke and jumped out of bed thinking I was late for work  Then, I remembered this was Sunday morning.  I could not get back to sleep, so at 6, with a bright moon out, I went for a walk, up the Meek Hill then on over to Coin Bridge.  This is taken at the top of Meek Hill just before I started down the hill towards Jr. Snow's.  If you enlarge it, you can see our lights on the left of the pic.  I think my light is the third one from the right.  The other two I think are Dan's house and his barn.

JR's horses.

Hannah has been decorating her room.  She was really proud of her design.  She said, "I did it myself."


Sister--Three said...

Early morning walk for sure!

Winnie Sneed said...

You are just an awesome photographer😍