Thursday, June 11, 2015


Tomorrow is signup for VBS and the next week is VBS all week.  I am so excited.


The kids went to their first summer Wednesday night BS at Church last night. In the summer, the kids and adults alternate Wednesday nights each week, so they only go every other Wednesday.  I took them and dropped them off and think I will continue that for the summer.  I may make something for their snacks once in a while, but I don’t think I will stay for any of their nights.  They get to go outside and play instead of study in the summer.  They really enjoyed it last night.


Last night I walked 4 miles to the  red barn starting at just before 5. It was hot, but I did not melt.  I have found a water carrier that works for me.  I have a bottle that I put in the freezer each night if I can remember, which I did not last night, but if I do it stays frozen for hours after I take it out.  I have a little insulated lunch pouch with a strap that I can carry it in.  It straps around my waist or over the shoulder.  I prefer around the waist.  My  problem with most of the water bottle things for walking is how to carry them without them swinging back and forth as I walk.  I just cannot stand the swinging.


This afternoon after work, I think I will take the kids to swim at the Community center at BRV.  George took them last week, so it is my turn.


One of Sister’s plants from one of the funerals is blooming and it is gorgeous.




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