Sunday, October 04, 2015


Today was family day at Church.  Greg went and took the kids.  Even Grandpa went.  There was lots of food, lots of kids, and several new visitors.  We  had a very good day.

And, thankful that the neighbor removed the big tree from the cemetery.

Here you can see what is left of the broken tree.

It fell right through the middle of this rock fenced area.

Breaking some of the fence stones, but not getting any of the grave markers.  It fell right between the Jacob Shank and John V. Leathers stones in the background.

I got down there just at sunup this morning.  

I was so thankful it did not fall on Jacob's stone.  I would have probably had to have it repaired if it got broken.

I walked 5 miles today.


Sister--Three said...

I need to search for shank and see if I or Joe b. Matches any shanks!

Sister--Three said...

Ohhhhhh, we match a lot of trees with shanks!

Sister--Helen said...

Oh I am glad it did not fall on Jacobs stone also. You would of had to pay. And wasn't it nice Terry moved the tree...maybe he wanted the wood...That wasn't a very nice thought I had...I am sure he just did not want it over the graves...