Saturday, October 03, 2015

Pies and Day Tripping

I started out this am around 7 and was over the hill past the Church by 8:30.

I helped a very little cleaning the Church and then took off down the road home, only to see the truck, both wheelers, and the tractor going through the gate to the pasture towards our little cemetery.  Oh boy, they are going to get the big downed tree off the graves.  No, about 10 minutes later they are all coming back.  To say, Terry, the neighbor has already removed the tree.  My lucky day.

I made 4 pumpkin pies and the kids ate most of one.  They went bowling and George and I drove down to the buffalo to see the Elk.  Again, our lucky day and we saw a herd and a big bull.  All in all a very good day with very little work.

I am now at 932 miles,well into Virginia.  By next Sunday, I plan on being less than 300 miles from Charles and Sarah in Fredericksburg.

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Sister--Three said...

Before long you will be at 1000 miles and that will be mile stone or a thousand stone!

I love the cooler weather.