Saturday, October 03, 2015


Work day at our little Church.  Tomorrow is family day.  I have a ham and I will make pumpkin pies and rolls.  I was thinking of taking other bothersome things, but decided on these because if we have leftovers, my family will eat all this.

I am going to walk over for the work day,  I plan o starting around 7, but have not had my coffee.  I will walk on past the church towards Powell's.  I do not want to arrive early.  Unlike Helen, I hate cleaning and the Church always looks clean to me.  To me, cleaning the Church is busy work.

Kids  Dad is home and he is supposed to take them bowling today.  I think they stayed up late with him last night. 

I am going to drink coffee, eat my oats and yogurt and be off, hoofing it.  I have gone 924 miles.  I am in Wytheville Virginia, only 155 miles from Charles Powell's farm along the South Side of the Dan.

And, I did not  have frost yesterday.  The Gatlins live on the banks of Dry Creek.

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Sister--Three said...

I am up drinking coffee and will so walk soon then drive up to see Greta's soccer game.

Well, jonell said it was frost,

Get that church clean!!