Monday, September 28, 2015

Last Week's News, tonight

I had a big week.  I finally got the cemetery cut, but I bought a machine to do it with.  It does not really show in the pictures, but the north side of it was overgrown with weeds over my head.  It was June the last time I cut it, and it has rained and rained so everything just kept on keeping on.

I bought a push type weed machine.  It really cuts the weeds and even small sprouts.

It looks so much better, except for the tree that got hit by lighting and fell across 
part of it.  I don't think it broke any actual grave markers, but it broke up some of the rocks on the rock fence.  I was glad it missed Jacob's stone.  George will have to cut it up to get it out, but that can wait till cooler weather.

During the week on my walks, I picked up the trash between here and the red barn.  I only got two walmart bags of trash, which is pretty good.  Yesterday, George and I went over and burned the bag of trash that someone lost right in front of the red barn last July.  I kept thinking someone that lived over there would take care of it, but not.

Saturday, I walked over past Peden's and down to the slab across Dry Creek at the back of Billy Joe's place, 8 miles round trip.  It was dry both ways.

I started a little after 6 and was past Peden's by sunup.

Sunday, I walked to the Coin bridge, 6 miles round trip. Dry Creek had standing water there, but was not flowing. I am now at 910 miles.

On my walk up Callen's Branch a few weeks ago, I found a glass bread pan.  I carried it to the slab, but did not want to carry it all the way home.  Sunday, we drove over and got it.  Robert was not impressed. 

The kids and I watched the first part of the ellipse last night.  It was really red.  Robert was interested, but Hannah not so much.  I took some pics, but have not downloaded them just yet.

That is all I know and then some. 

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I love the glass bread pan!!