Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Kids were happy with their lute.  Robert got 2 hot wheel race tracks and several Jeff Gordon including a #24 hat.  He was really pleased with everything.  Hannah got 3 talking toys that record what she says, and Emmy got her a Frozen doll.  And she got some jewelry.  She liked it all.  They had had a great time just hanging out and not going to school.  Robert thinks that is the best part.  Hannah is catching up on her sleep now.  She has still been under the weather with a cough and runny nose but was much better today.  Robert is trying out the race track Uncle George and Emmy got him.  He is such a happy boy.

Thanks to Winnie for the gift cards.  They will go spend them in a few days when things at the store are not so crazy.  They love picking out their own stuff.  Kriss and the kids also sent presents.  Robert's tiny car was a real hit.


Winnie Sneed said...

This is watching just pure joy...thanks for sharing!!!

Sister--Three said...

Til next year I guess we could say!

Clayton is pretty sick still.