Monday, December 22, 2014

walk, no walk

I walked 4miles yesterday, but today after work I went to Berryville and bought Christmas groceries. We are having ham, potatoes and bread. Oh, and Lane got home about 3 this morning.  it was really good to see and talk to him.

We had the pot luck at church last night. Me, Helen, Hannah and Robert went. We had a good time. The kids really enjoyed it.

I work tomorrow and no more this week. My big boss is not at work this week and everyone is glad. It is a relief not to have to put up with him.

I am not feeling so hot. I am cold and I know it is not cold in here maybe I am getting what Hannah had. If I am sick Christmas George is going to have to fix Christmas dinner.


Sister--Three said...

Glad lane made it home. We r having same menu Christmas! Erin's bunch r coming Christmas eve and Christmas dinner will just be us and Laura's bunch,

Winnie Sneed said...

Oh Fleta...I sure hope you get to feeling you!