Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I am through with shopping.  Mostly shopping was for little grandkids.  Big grandkids are getting money, George bought his own present and Greg's present.  George got a new air compressor last week.  Usually I get him some little something in addition to the big present, but not this year.  I got this computer.  I am learning to use it better.  For posting on the blog, it works better with the keyboard, but for most other things, I use it folded as a tablet.  I do like it for reading books.  I downloaded a few games for the kids and they played them for a few day, but the last few days they have gone back to  the ipad games.  There are so many more games available for the ipad then there is for windows tablets.  Anyway, I like the tablet but still use the big laptop for some things.  I did finally figure out how to go back to the previous web page, but still sometimes it seems to just do whatever it wants instead of what I want.  And, the reason you have to be on the net to get your pictures off a card is that it auto stores them all on your Microsoft onedrive.  I guess I can change that, but for now, I just try to remember to connect before putting pictures on it.

Today, I am going for a walk, as I have not walked the  last two days.  I am going to get back to walking every day.  Then, we are having spaghetti and homemade rolls for Christmas Eve.  Jr is hosting a Christmas Eve dinner for his bunch at his house, so I am going to make enough rolls for both dinners.  Tomorrow, I am making ham and potatoes because that is what the boys like.  Helen is making us turkey with dressing.  We probably will not have to cook again for a week.

Hannah is still not feeling well, with a cough and runny nose.  At least the fever is gone. So far, Robert has not caught whatever it is.  I know she got this from the kids at church.  Many of them have been sick. 

Greg got Robert a NASCAR game for their WII machine and gave it to him yesterday, so that is all  Robert did all day yesterday.

I found that book A Long Way Home at Helen's library on the web, so I have it and one more book to read over the weekend.

It will be sunup soon, so I am going to walk.

Merry Christmas.


The 4th Sister said...

Beautiful Emily!

Sister--Three said...

Merry Christmas to all yours.