Saturday, December 27, 2014

Walk today

Today, I walked to the Coin bridge, about 6 miles. Yesterday, I walked to the first Callen's Branch slab down the red hill and then back up the branch to behind the cemetery by the Stone place, up thru the pasture to the cemetery and back home, maybe 5 miles. Christmas, I just went to the red barn and back, 4 miles. Christmas Eve, I walked to the gate going up on the hill by Peden's chicken houses, around Comb's fence, to the top of the hill above our house and down the hill to Clayton's and home, probably about 4 miles.

  If I have kept track accurately, I have walked about 68 miles in December. That is a little over 2 miles a day, average. Today, since it was trying to rain, I wore the nice rain jacket Betty gave me. It never did actually rain, but there was moisture in the air. The rain jacket with the hood really worked nice for the moisture and as a wind block.

  I am thinking for my bday I am going to get a pair of winter boots to ware walking in the wet. Then, I am going to walk around by Coin, up to Eldridges, down by Lois Morris, and across the creek home one weekend. I am also, going to walk down the second Callen's branch, to where it comes out on the slab just this side of Billy Joe's. I took the camera every day except today, but I do not have any good pictures because it was too gloomy for good pictures. I looked at the weather forecast, and it just gets wetter and colder next week. You would think it was winter or something.

And, while I am walking, I am memorizing the books of the Bible. I got tired of the preacher saying turn to... and not knowing where to look. Sometimes, I was not even sure if it would be the New or Old Testament. I started this around Thanksgiving or a little before that. I can now say them all in order. I would write them to prove it, but I cannot spell worth anything. Here is the first letter of each book, in order.

Old Testament
New Testament
There are a lot of t's and j's in the New Testament. Some of the books, I had trouble pronouncing and I found a place on the web where you can search for a word, click on it and it is pronounced for you. I think I can say them all now. It is It is simple, and works.

  Got to go now. I am taking Helen to get her car, and I am going to try to return a couple of things to wally world. I cannot find the receipts, so I am toing to tell them they are presents. It is only $15 total, so if it does not work out, it is no big deal. Just a movie the kids already had and a electric grill that JR did not want. We will see how it goes. And, if the line is too long, I will probably just forget it.


Sister--Three said...

Well, I am proud of you for remembering the books of the Bible. I know the first 5 and some of the others, but I may thy to do this. I hate not being able to just turn to the book I want.

Happy New Year coming soon.

My phone bill is 40 dollars so it would be half. But I am sure there are some taxes.

Erin said...

I just turn to the front and then to the book.. it's called the table of contents -- even gives the page number

Sister--Three said...

Try to etch then in your head gear!

Winnie Sneed said...

They had a big story for two days talking about how goat herds love to eat real Christmas trees....said they love them. Any of you have real trees to dispose of??
Might be able to start a Christmas tree disposal....sure wish I could hand this tablet to you so that you could figure it out for me...I try every night to try to post on my blog....arghhhhh!