Sunday, December 28, 2014

Church day

Today I walked 4 miles, then we went to Church.  George has started going with us.  I think Helen is going tonight, but I am not.  This week they start back with their Wednesday night Sunday school for kids and Helen says she will take the kids to that.  They really like going if there is a kids class, but are not so keen on the preacher part.

Lane goes back to CA tomorrow, and I go back to work.  But, I only work 3 days this week. We have New Years day off and I am taking the day after for my birthday that falls on Sunday.  I forget how old I will be, but it is really old.


Sister--Three said...

U have not forgot.

Big birthday vacation,

Nice that feorgebis going with you.

Cold this week.

Erin's computer is messed up is why she has not scanned the pictures ,

Sister--Three said...

The ipad tries to figure out what I wand to say and tries to fix it. dah! hate that. Wish I could turn that correction or help thing off but don't know how.

I was trying to say glad George is going with you.