Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Beginning

But not sunrise picture because today we never had a sunrise, gray and drippy all day.  But here is a calendar that tells when we should  have had sunrise today, if there had been such a thing.
Still I walked my 4 miles tonight.  Which reminds me of my computer problem today.  I have been thinking today that I would make a few New Year's  resolutions and write them here because one thing that will assist in actually following through with best intentions is to tell someone.  You are someone so I am going to tell you my best intentions today:
1.  Log the miles I walk
2.  15 minutes or maybe 30 minutes of strength training a day
3.   Eat healthy, 5 vegetables and fruit each day
4.  Post on my blog at least every two days
5.  Read the Bible
So, it was logging the miles that made me aware of the computer problem.  When I open the spreadsheet to put in my miles walked today, the cursor on the computer had disappeared.  The touch screen works fine for reading and playing, but for real file work, you need the mouse and cursor.  After restarting the computer twice, I tried Google.  It seems with some laptops there is an F key that turns off the cursor.  On my Toshiba is it the F5 key.  Presto, back in business.  But, the day was still gloomy all day long. And, Sunday night it is supposed to be down around 10 degrees.  It must be January.
The 15 minutes strength training is just a few simple moves with a 3 pound weight in each hand, but I have not been doing them on any regular basis.  I guess I will log that in my file also.
Eat healthy was going good until cold weather and then not so much.  And, I have been eating chicken at work  again.  No more fried chicken every day, and back to counting vegetables and fruits  And, less soda.
I have downloaded a Bible app from Olivetree.  It has the King James Version and a couple of commentaries.  What I would like is a ebook  reference Bible where I  could click on the reference and go to that point to read the reference.  This is not exactly that, but it does have a commentary that works like that, and I can display the Bible and commentary side by side so it sorta works like I want.  This was all free and is on the computer so I do not have to be online to read or use it.  Of course, I can also read my regular Bible.  Anyway, I am up to Geneses chapter 6. 
I like to use the  blog as a boring daily journal so I can look back and  see what was when. I have tried several times to write a regular journal and have one by my bed that I started in August, but I can never seem to keep it going.  A blog journal is easier for me.
Our local radio station has been saying all day that we will have freezing rain tomorrow.  But, then, they were saying we had freezing rain today, when we did not.  I hope they are wrong about tomorrow.  I think KY3 is saying just rain, no freezing.  We will see.  And, maybe I will post what we have when, here.

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Sister--Three said...

I hope u are able to keep the promises you made to yourself.

I have not walked since the day after Christmas . I need a cattle prod.

I have had that happen with the cursor and I turned the computer off and the cursor came back. Also I have turned the keyboard off someway but restarting it puts it back.

I wonder if they will sell the marr place now?