Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hugh not Morris, tablet not computer

Trying to do anything except play on this tablet is not play. Just to go back to the page before is sometimes impossible. Any, I guess Hugh Morris was not really a Morris, but was likely a Sneed.

John and Rachel Morris came to Carroll county AR in the 1840,s.  They had several children including a son, William Crittenton Morris. That Crit sound familiar?  Wm Crittenton Morris was father to Green Jordan Morris.

With this family when they came to Carroll County was a young woman named Rebecca Morris. Rebecca Morris never married here, but she had several children here that used the surname Morris including John Ruth Morris.  John Ruth had a son, Regan Matthew Morris. Regan had a son Hugh Dee Morris. Speculation has it that Rebecca Morris' children were the children of her married neighbor, Peter Sneed.

Morris is not a Morris and a toy is not a real computer, but it is good for reading books and the news.


Sister--Three said...

Well, guess I made Beverly Morris up! I think I read that Peter sneed was married to a Morris when Rebecca had those children!

Who was Beverly Morris ?

Sister--Three said...

Beverly is the son of Rebecca.