Sunday, December 14, 2014

Walking, Not Walking

On November 14, I started keeping a computer log of my walking miles.  From that day through yesterday, one month, I logged 75.5 miles.  And, I did not walk Friday or Saturday.  Today, I walked 6 miles, but yesterday would be one month, so I did not count today.

I started out at 5:30 with a full moon and lots of fog.  By the time I got back home 2 hours later, there was still a heavy layer of fog.  Later, we had a gorgeous day, up in the 60's.

Helen escaped to Kansas, and George went to Church with us today.  This afternoon Hannah has scouts, so I did not get much done except go go today.

Next Sunday our Laner will be coming home for Christmas.  We all will be so glad to see him, but especially his father and sister.


Sister--Three said...

Hope they let her out of Leavenworth some day!

George should just go every Sunday

I waked 3 and a half today

Sister--Three said...

If I walk 10 a wk I am doing good