Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday, February 17

Friday is go home early day at work, so I get to leave at noon.  This Friday, I went to Harrison and went junkin'.  The strawberry pot holder was one $ and the cut wire basket was 3 $.  I had a good time, and spent less than $10.

This is a close up of the strawberry.  Betty thinks she can make one of these from the picture.  It is sure pretty.  

This is the hawk sitting in a tree down on the fence line between us and Dan looking for a chicken for breakfast.  I am leaving them locked up most of the day, but last night, I locked them up early and the little banty with bad feet was left out.  I heard her cackeling under the deck this morning.  She was walking without limping, so she is getting better.

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Sister--Three said...

Fleta here is help with remembering the ladies names...they go in order of the alphabet!

Clayton ate 2 pieces of bread and Greta ate a slice. Clayton said "Gigi keep the rest of that and when I come to see you I will eat it. He really liked your bread".

I am finishing Helen's throw and then I will make a strawberry.