Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday, February 21

This is me today.  When I got up at almost 4 this morning, it had not started yet, but by 5, it was sleeting.  There is only a small skim out there now, but they say more is on the way.  Anyway, I am not going anywhere.

I am making cinnamon rolls and later I am going to try a Aday's Own Cracked Wheat Loaf.  And, I am cooking black beans.  Patsy said she really liked black beans.  I  had never tried them, but I bought a bag last month and  today seems like a good day for a pot of beans.  I have a ham bone saved from Christmas to add to the pot.  If we do not like the black beans we can have ham soup.  I think I will make corn bread to go with them.  

Last night we had Patsy's pork stead and fried potatoes, and used all my potatoes so we cannot have fried potatoes with the beans.  I like beans, fried potatoes, spinach and cornbread.  We have have 3 our of 4.

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Sister--Three said...

cinnamon rolls...yummy. I like those house shoes. It will start here later they said. We had a little yesterday. Coach Fisher texted me that there was no school tomorrow (well, today now) and I sent him a message back that no school for me was forever!