Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, February 20

Got a little snow today, but it has melted.

Supposed to get ice, sleet and snow tonight.  But, George is ready.

He has the welder right in front of  the house with cords all ready.  If it does anything, I am not going to work tomorrow.

This is pieces of hand embroidery I bought at a yard sale at Alpena last fall.  The lady selling it said it was done by her aunt or great aunt.  It had a few pieces that had embroidered dates and I think one said 1930 something. Helen says she is going to make aprons so I am sending most of this to her.  I looked at the price tag and I paid $2 .75 for all of it plus a small basket.

I see Patsy has another post up.  I am so glad.  Her internet not working gave both me and her headaches.  I had decided it was a internet connection problem, but was not sure how to fix it.  I sure hope it fixed itself.  Helen has posted Melissa's instructions for resetting the connection, in case we need to do that.

If it ices, I am staying home tomorrow and making homemade bread and homemade yogurt.

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Sister--Three said...

those are beautiful...I hope my apron has a bib as I am messy.

I am making you strawberries. Snowed most of the day.