Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, February 18

Goats in the yard.  Goatman put them back in.  Mama Bertha and the little black goat did not get out.  George says Bertha is to fat to get through the fence.  The little black goat is always lagging behind.  What I have read about goats from the goat huggers, they all say one goat will be the lead 'boss' goat in the herd and they all have a pecking order, with the boss goat always leading the way.  I cannot see that in our herd.  Big Sandy is the largest and always gets food first, and the little black goat always comes in last.  The white goat with the dark head on the left here is the most timid of all the big goats and they all bully her.  Mama Bertha pretty well holds her own, and she most often leads when they start out across the pasture, but I would not call any of them lead goats or herd boss, except when we feed them when the bigger goats get first choice.

George said yesterday he thinks Mama is making a bag, so I checked today and I think he is right.  I guess she got bread by little billy, probably in October or November.  We should have babies by April.  George thinks maybe black billy also bread the other white goat.  And, I don't think she has come in heat since we got the big billy, so maybe he is right, but the little black nanny and the two big browns have been in heat since the new billy came visiting.

We had hail and then almost an inch of rain tonight.  Thursday, we are supposed to have snow and ice.  I may just stay home if we do.

After the rain.

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Sister--Three said...

I finished Helen's throw and I am working on a strawberry. I ripped it out twice and then I figured out that you make both sides at once and I was doing it right all along. I looks like a circle when you start because you are making both sides.

Larry plowed his garden today and tilled up part of mine. We have potatoes bought and the coop man said the purple sets will be in soon. It did not rain much so maybe we can lay off rows and plant soon. I want to keep the grass out better this year...but we will see.

I like the dark picture of the sunset. I don't like goats so I am not jealous of yours.