Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Gilbert and Sam came by last night.  He has won a trip to the Daytona 500 next week.  He wanted to borrow a suitcase and a camera.  I loaned him Helen's suitcase and Junior's camera.  He is coming back Sunday because he needs to get Kelly's stock trailer.  If he had told me when he called he was needing the trailer, I could have saved him a trip to Kelly's.  By the time he went to Kelly's then came on over here he decided to come back Sunday for the trailer.  

A chicken hawk got the little rooster today.  I will have to leave them locked up for a while, or just let them out a short time in the evening when I can watch them.  I guess if I want to set eggs this spring, I will have to borrow them for Chicken woman.

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Sister--Three said...

Well, I am glad I did not leave something at your house so you could loan it to him! I am with you though...I would not want to loan him my good camera. tee hee

Siggie is staying all night. We are having a great time. She called to see if she could stay over and I asked her who got to boss and she said she did. The news was on. I watch the news. There was a story about all those rape kits they had not processed (maybe you heard it). She asked me
"what is rape?"
I told her it was sort of assault.
about a hour later she said
"what is salt"
It took a while but I finally figured out what she was talking about...
because she happens to women.
So I explained that assault was sort of like getting beat up. I said maybe their clothes would be ripped.

Then like a smart Grandma...I shut up and told her that Her Momma could eplain it better.

Now Siggie and Pop have gone to Wendys to get ice cream. I told them I did not want any. I know you are surprised.

A lady at church lost her husband. She is 76. They had been married 58 years. Today, I called her and took her lunch and we ate at her house. I bought a big spread even dessert. I could tell that she really enjoyed it. I got a subway sandwich on oat bread adn went to McCallisters and got soup. I took key lime pie (the individuals). I bought the MCCallisters ice tea with lemon. I took her a pretty blue and green paper weight glass instead of a flower. Anyway, I am boasting as I could tell how she liked it all. I stayed iwth her about 2 hours...

To make a long story short..that is why I said I did not want ice cream. I had eaten like a pig at Mary's house.

Gilbert looks happy. I thougth his wife was sandra not Sam.