Saturday, December 31, 2016


I've been walking, looong after midnight, three days in a row.  When I get this done I am starting out for today.  I is almost 50 degrees right now.

Yesterday, Hannah and I went to Branson to get a replacement receipt for her IPOD since I could not find the original.  I am sure I put it somewhere really safe.   The replacement paper was painless since I paid with a card. We bought her a pair of boots an me a new pair of sketchers for work.  I also got a pair of earbuds that I think will stay in my ears better when walking.  I have transferred all my music from my computer to my phone.  And, this am I got her IPOD to connect to my computer so I can give her music I download from the great library in the western sky.  With freegal I can get 5 free songs each week.  They  have what they have,, some new, lots of old, but it is all free.  Anyway, she only told me of about 5 songs she wanted, so I picked some out to buy myself  with the money her Daddy gave me to  buy her music.  I filled the IPOD up before I spent the whole amount as we had several songs iin Itunes already.  Now, she can pick and choose what she actually wants on  the IPOD drive.  If it is not on the drive, she can only listen with WIFI.  She took it with us yesterday and was not much company with those things in her ears.

Our big mamma goats are getting bred back this last week so we will have babies again the end of May.  This week we have been trying to turn out the mammas  while keeping the kids in.  Cher does not miss her babies much when she is out grazing and we are afraid she will loose them if they are out with her  We want to keep them penned for another month.  We may as well keep all the babies penned if we have to keep some of them up.  It is hard to get the mammas separated from the  babies to let them out, but George has managed to let them out part of the day for several days in a row.

Speaking of days inn a row, time to go walk.

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Sister--Three said...

Keep walking and keep moving forward...that is my plan of 2017. I can't control what comes my way but I can keep moving and try to do my part to please my Lord not the world. My little marks in the dirt are just scribbles but they are marks left by me.