Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016 all about presents...

Before opening...

My good camera is half way round the world so pics are not as good as usual.

Big, big truck.


Tools to work on trucks.

Truck from Helen.


Hannah with Ipod.  She opened the charger earlier, but did not catch on.

Three big pickups.  Now where do we put all this truck stuff.

Logging truck from Helen.

Bath stuff from Helen, fuzzy picture thanks to son in Japan with good camera.

Dog got a new food bowl.

Hannah loved the IPOD and all the bath stuff and perfume.  She got no less than 3 dollar store perfumes.  We will all smell for a while.  Robert loved it all including the tools.  After dinner was done, then went in Hannah's room and hung things up everywhere with the help of the hammer and other tools. Robert loved using the  hammer.  He thinks he needs a saw.

I had to download an app for Hannah to text because the stupid Apple texting app only texts to other Apple devices. We have not other apple devices since I broke the ipad by trying to update the system.  They never used it anymore anyway.  They mostly play games on the phones.  Now, Hannah can play on her Ipod.  It downloaded all the games she had on Grandpa's phone.  Robert says now can I have the phone for my games???

We ate son's ham from work.  I only m,made potatoes, bread and salad as we only had the kids and Uncle George's friend and her young son.  

Greg got in Christmas Eve at 11:30 and had to Christmas at 1:30.  He is in Hope this week. He hopes to get a few days off after the holidays.  The company he works for now does a lot of work in factories when they have down time, like holidays and weekends.  It pays good, and they have good benefits and nearly all their work is in Arkansas or very close in Mississippi or Texas.  

Back to work tomorrow, but this will be a three day week for me.  Oh Boy!!!


Sister--Three said...

Lots of smiles and twinkling eyes
So good to see such happiness

Sister--Helen said...