Wednesday, December 28, 2016


or not walking.  I have not been walking regularly since I hurt me knee at the end of June.  I keep planning on starting up again, but always tomorrow.  Today I walked to the graveyard over by the stone house.  That is 2 miles round trip.  We will see if I can make it two days in a row.

And, I got my dumb watch and dumb phone to connect again.  They were connected but back in Sept the unconnected and just could not get back in sync.  But now they are.   When they sync, the phone keeps track of all the  steps.  I guess the watch does also, but all you can see on the watch is today's numbers.  Really, what I like best about the watch/phone connection is that my watch can make the phone ring even when it is on silent. I am always miss placing my phone here at the house an it is always on vibrate because I have to keep it that way at work.  It is too much trouble and too hard to remember to switch it back an forth.  Anyway, I am all connected up until the next time I let the watch run down.  That is how it looses thee connection.  I have been much better at keeping it charged, so maybe it will stay connected now.  I now wear the watch every day and feel lost without it.

Hannah really loves her new IPOD.  She has lots of games.  And, we downloaded a app so she can text anyone, and even use it as a phone with the mic connected. She has some music on it, but not all that much.  She said she wanted it for music, but I think she mostly just wanted to play on it.  She really likes the camera and the games.

Son will be home this weekend and then Helen on the 8th.  Hope the weather holds out through the new year as son comes home through  Chicago news years day.  They are having a great time in Okinawa. 

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Sister--Three said...

In one picture jr looks just like daddy.

I have been walking pretty regularly but only 2 miles.