Monday, June 27, 2016

A fine kettle of fish...

It is one week tomorrow till we go on our big trip and this afternoon around 2 pm my right knee started hurting really, really badly.  I have taken 2 aleve, put aspercreeme on it and borrowed ice packs from Helen.  It feels a little better now.  And, I think this is my good knee.  I am always forgetting which knee I had fixed in 2009. but I think it was the left knee.  It has not hurt like this for years.  That may not be a good sign.

Helen got home with Austin.  The girls that went with her had a big time.

This is a birdhouse Hannah made entirely on her own from a shoe box and pink duck tape.  So far, no birds have moved in.


Sister--Three said...

Your knee will improve
Take Alene
Use ice
Buy a slip on brace or the strap

I bet by the time u go u will be fine

Glad Helen got home as I was wondering

Sister--Three said...

Oh, love the bird house