Friday, June 24, 2016

Your Welcome...

It rained, poured and spilled for a time this morning, and then we had a steady slow rain for over an hour.  We have cloud cover from horizon to horizon and the temp is now 72 degrees.

I gave up on the rain last night,  put down my two new soaker hoses on the two rows of tomatoes and watered them for more than 2 hours.  That is why it rained.  Your welcome.

I searched online yesterday to see if I could get and idea as to why my potatoes do not yield they way I think they should.  The only thing I found that I might be doing wrong is not planting them deep enough.  I usually just plant them about a half inch deep.  Someone said that potatoes only put on between the seed potato and the top of the  ground.  Next year I am trying the recommended 3 inches or more.  Following the Trump rule, I read it on the net.

Our Billy with the bad leg is trying to breed our grown nannies this past week, starting with Black Goat on the 19th, on to Holly, Red and Big White yesterday.  It he can over his handicap, we should have babies the last two weeks of November.  If that does not work, we are counting on our backup billy, Chocolate Milk.  We will see.

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Sister--Three said...

No rain for mr.

Hill up potatoes. We plant deeper than 3 inches then
We hill them.