Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sunday's Happenings...

Chickens in the Garden.  I got hay down around the tomatoes and Greg and George helped put the cages around them.  The chickens thought it looked like bug world.

I bought some plants for the tub planters by Emmy's RV.  It is red saliva and rock moss.

Bathing beauty.  The kids kept wanting to go to the neighbor's pool and no one wanted to take them.  I sent Greg to get them a small pool for them just to play in.  They had fun but it was a little cool for water play today.

Hannah dancing because Emmy said she could stay with her in the RV tonight.  She told me the other day she really loves Emmy.

Emmy is a really good baby sitter.  She is going to stay here for a few days and help Grandpa.


Sister--Three said...

I think Emmy needs to be paid if she babysits! Just sayin'.

Sister--Three said...

I enlarged the photos and could see so many pretty plants.