Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday, March 23, Helen Lied

I did not say I was cleaning house.  I said I was cleaning out the closet in the back bedroom.  One closet, not the whole house.  I did not even do anything with the rest of the room except straightening  Hannah and Roberts clothes I keep in the dresser back there.  I threw away a bunch of junk and some books that had been in the top of the closet for a long time.  They were the kids books that came with the World Book Encyclopedic set from 1979.  Anyway, the closet has some room in it for clothes now.  It still has several totes because most of them are pictures. And then there is a a couple of totes of Christmas stuff.  Anyway it looks a lot better now.  And, when I quit, Jr. cleaned and straightened the rest of the room.  It looks much better now.

Tomorrow, I am going through the old chest in my bedroom.

We had deer at the end of our driveway today.

I looked at Winnie's pictures and thought again that we have been lucky weather wise this winter.  I am ready to plant garden.  The goats had stayed in the pasture since George worked on the fence.  Baby goats are doing fine.  Mama stays with them at the barn most of the day.  She is a good mother after all.

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Sister--Three said...

Well, I am glad you have not decided to be a 'house cleaner' and are just a closet clearer. Windy an cold here. I am sick.......of the weather.