Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Winnie's Cousin

Patsy has said before that Marla Maples was our cousin, but I had never been interested enough to try to check just how we were related until today.  Maples is an unusual name, so I figured we were likely related some way or other.  Thinking Winnie Jo needed some cheering up, I spent some time this morning searching for Marla's Maples just so I could tell Winnie of her connection to The Donald.  I found that Winnie and The Donald's daughter are sixth cousins.

Winnie's line goes like this:
1. Winnie
2. Fleta
3. Gertrude Maples
4. Wm. B. Maples
5. James G. Maples
6. Jesse Maples
7. Josiah Maples
8. William Maples married to Prudence

Marla's Maples goes like this:
1. Daughter of The Donald and Marla Maples
2. Marla Maples
3. Stanley Edward Maples
4. Roy Edward Maples
5. Willard Edward Maples
6. Robert William  Maples
7. Thomas Redmond Maples
8. William Abijah Maples
9. Wilson Maples
10. William Maples married to Prudence

So, checking yesterday's chart, that makes Winnie and the daughter sixth cousins.  Now, Winnie will be bragging to all her friends about her new found family ties.

Big Mama had the babies down on the pond bank this afternoon soaking up the sun.  We will keep both these goats, I think.  We will either have to sell the other two billies or de-billy them.  And, if the little black nanny does not do well again this year we will sell her.  If we need to downsize more than that, we will get rid of the two big brown goats.  I like the little goats much better than the big brown one.

So far, George's fence repair has held, and the goats are all inside today.

It is supposed to get cold and blow in weather tonight and tomorrow.  I am ready for cold be be over.


The 4th Sister said...

even I can follow that Winnie will be texting her new cousin and forget all about us...LOL

Sister--Three said...

Fleta, maybe WE SHOULD contact marla to join our cousin blog. She would probably have lots of stuff to add to our lives! lol

Winnie Sneed said...

Well..yesterday was another rough day as more info comes actually literally made me physically ill, but I was able to sleep last night....Maybe Cousin Marla would help me escape for a little you have her text number?