Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday, go home early day, with Ice

We did not get any accumulation last night and it was just right at freezing this morning so the roads were wet instead of ice.  I went on to work with no trouble at all.  But, by noon, there was freezing fog all over the trees and wires.  It is now 3pm and it has all melted, but it looked bad for a while.

Babies and Mama in the barn.  The others were out and about, so I took her some feed.  She is the only goat we have that will not come to us when we have feed.

If you enlarge, you can see the goats in the distance.

At about 1 pm today.

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Sister--Three said...

Does Clayton have a new storage bldg. by the well house?

We just had rain. Erin had a little covering of snow, but nothing on the roads. She had to go to work of course.

Laura said spring break was pretty nasty.

Erin said they might come to my house for Easter. I said Astrid could hide the eggs...Laura said if Pop put money in an egg...Astrid would be hunting. She and Ingie wanted to look for some new clothes for spring tomorrow as she has soccer in Conway. I think Sigrid will stay here. Anyway, Pop gave her $100 for she and Ingie to get something new. He is the sweetest Pop in the world.

Ingie sayed all night Tues. All at once she said. I love the frosties from Wendies. They are my favorite. Well, in a jiffy they were off so she could get one.

Sigrid wanted mac and cheese and I told her I would cook it if she would say she loved me more than her Pop. Well, she balked at that.

Hope you have a restful weekend.

Do you ever watch channel 4 and Mallory Hardin Brooks. She was one of my kids in the 6th grade.

Take care!