Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday, March 24

Done with cleaning and searching the net for people.  It has been cold, cold, and blowing snow and snot all day. No accumulations but cloudy and misty from horizon to horizon nearly all day.  So, I cleaned out my treasure chest today.  Well sorta.  I have an old black chest in my bedroom that I have had for about 25 years or more.  It has a whole lot of junk in it.  I went through and threw away some of it and sorted and stacked the rest.  I found the newspaper from when I graduated from HS with all our pictures.  That got me to thinking about where some of these people are now.

This is the list. Do you know any of these people?  Graduated in 1965.

Gary Badley
Kenny Bailey
Beverly Bishop
Pat Bishop
Robert Blackston
Victoria Braddy
Geneice Coatney
Johnny Collins
Jimmy Compton [now deceased]
Larry Conner
Clifford Cooper
Tim Darby
Joan Davis
Nancy Davis
James Eldridge
Donna Etchison
John Fagan
Glen Ford
Suzanne Gardner
Donald Gregg
Billy Briffith
Karen Hagle
Richard Harvey
June Hittons
Gary Hopper
Kenny Gallant
Linda Jenkins
Jimmy Morris
Carolyn Norris
Garce Ommen
Linda Parks
Joyce Plumlee
Fleta Powell
Sharon Powell
Marilyn Rand
Lillard Robinette
Suzan Seitz
Lana Skelton
Carol Smith
Jimmy Smith
Michael Stafford
Linda Stone
James Swafford
Kenny Thard
Carl Tusing [deceased]
Allen Villines
Linda Wilson [deceased]
Floyd Wyatt
Carroll Youngblood [deceased].

That is 51, with 5 known deceased.  Some of these I know where they are now, either because they still live here and I know who they married, or because they have unusual names that are easy to search and find on the net.

But, I found this when searching for Kenny Gallant.

Current Huntsville Eagles coach Jim Stafford, No. 11 in the 1963 photo above, coached the 1,000th victory of his 37-year career last week. Stafford, a Green Forest native, played for Coach Fred Grim, at right, and helped the Tigers in Grim's second year reach the semifinals of the state tournament. Front, from left, Kenny Gallant, David Kilbourn, Claude Russell, Jimm Stafford, J.H. Bell, and Jimmy Morris. Back, from left, Don Jones, Bill Griffith, Kenny Bailey, Wayne Thomason, Stanley Fox, Von Douglas, and Coach Fred Grim. Photo- 1963 Green Forest Annual [from 2004 when Jimmy Stafford surpassed 1000 wins as a high school basketball coach]


Sister--Three said...

I enjoyed reading about all those you graduated with. I have the newspaper from mine but mice ate part of it along the way.

The 4th Sister said...

june hittson moore worked janets funeral at nelson