Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday, and tomorrow is go home early day

Little black goat is  almost as wide as she is tall, but she is not making a bag yet.  So, it is not likely she will have babies until at least a month from now.  We will see.

Patsy and Hot Rod with ears flying.  Tomorrow I will go get Robert and Hannah and they will get to see the kids.  

I bought a ham, well half a ham.  I am going to cook it Saturday instead of Sunday since the kids will have to go home Sunday.  I got a Cooks ham.  Clayton always said Cooks ham was the best.  I never thought there was much difference in brands, but last year I tried a Cooks ham and it was much better than many I had tried.  I read where Cooks ham was rated second place in a taste test here

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The 4th Sister said...

I took Claytons advice years ago...If I do not splurge and buy a Honey baked ham ...about 8 bucks a pound...I buy a Cooks ham...this year for 88 cents a take care Sis and enjoy those babies...I am sure in hog heaven with kenzie Girl here..