Saturday, February 02, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013 - We are going to clean up...

Cause we have soap...

All the ingredients and tools.  Some of the plastic things are JIC because I was not sure exactly what I would need for containers.

The lye and scale, the dangerous part of making soap.

The melting pot, with all the fats.

The stirring stick.  Patsy was afraid the metal in this would react with the lye, but it did not.

This was to be my lye mixer, but I decided not to use the metal pot.

I used glass instead.

Almost soap.

Soap, it smelled like coconut soap.

In the mold, aka 13x9 cake pan.  It looks a little gray.  Patsy says I need to add pretty colors because the color is important.

This was what I scraped out of the pot and formed into a circle. It is a prettier color than the other.
I added honey, cinnamon, and vanilla berry fragrance after it made soap. I think it was the cinnamon that made it gray.  It feels very creamy and still smells like coconut.  This is the recipe I used:

I have lots of soap making ingredients left.  Helen, when you come in March we will make soap.

Betty sent me this head band to keep my ears warm.  She said the purpose was to keep my ears warm without messing up my hair.  Works great, don't you think?

And this is the dough conditioner for my cracked wheat bread.  Bread is in the pans on its final rising.  Will be bread in about an hour.

Tomorrow I will take some to Patsy and maybe even some gray soap.

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Sister--Three said...

Well I see the ear warmer was pretty much a wash! I bet the soap feels good. How did the bread turn out? Or is that tomorrow's project.