Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013, George says "Coffee with the boys."

He counted 14 in the pasture at one time.  They came up out of the ditch below the pond and grazed on the slop below Clayton's for about an hour.  I was fixing pancakes and did not get pictures of them  on the ridge.  After breakfast, I was Mama and the twins coming over the ridge just in front of our house.  Gradually, a whole bunch of bucks came up out of the ditch on the ridge, some of them we just saw there antlers over the ridge.  Mama and twins came on up where the goats were along the fence between us and Dan's by the road, not paying any attention to the goats. The jumped across into the pasture on our side and went down in the hollow and came up on our side of the fence in the pasture just below the other trailer.  They must have been headed for the rock query.  The bucks turned in went back across the ditch and crossed the fence into Dan's field by the salt block.  They went up over the ridge, probably going to Dan's pond for water.  In all George counted 11 bucks.  Several of the bucks had only  one antler.

Our Mama coming over the ridge in front of the house.  See the white spot on her right side?  She was the one  I saw last Sunday down by the bottom.

A conglomeration of bucks.

Big bucks and little bucks playing.

Three One Horned Boys.

Two bucks on the ridge below our house.

The ones running and playing must be teenagers.

He stuck his head over the ridge, but did not come on up.  Several times we say just his antlers peaking over the ridge.

Going back down into the ditch.

First several followed Mama up the fence line, then turned and went back down into the ditch and on over the fence at the salt block.

Mama and one twin on the ridge the other side of the pond on our side of the road.

Mama in the pasture on our side, going into the hollow below our pond. 

Mama and the twins on the ridge just past our pond, going towards the rock query.
Big boys on the ridge above Dan's big pond.  Dan's black cattle in the distance.

Coming out of the ditch and jumping the fence by the salt block.

I think this is the big boy that just stuck his antlers over the ridge earlier.

Across the fence and over the ridge.

Coffee break is over, going to get a drink and take a nap in the woods.

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