Saturday, January 14, 2017

Quote, Quote

Or what I really said.

Betty said that I said that today we are not training up our children.  I said exactly the opposite.

The maxim goes, train up a child in the way he should go and he shall not depart from it.

I said the problem today is that so many children are going exactly the way they are trained to go by their parents and they cannot depart from it.  Maybe it is not the way we think one should go, or the way one should be trained up, but it is the way children of today are being trained up that has gotten us to this place.

Children of today, and yesterday, mostly go the way their parents went.

At one time I had two daughters in law, now I have none.  One followed her mother's example into a drugged out life, leaving her children to their own devices almost from their first breaths, and then dying at a young age.  Her life the every image of her mother's.  The other has chosen a path so like her mother's that to know one's story is to know the other's.

I have only to look at my sons' paths to know the truth of my own maxim.

A child will go the path he is trained up to go and will not depart from it.


Sister--Helen said...

If we knew then what we know now......

Donna Wood said...

Wise words.