Sunday, January 08, 2017

Helen returns to the Rock Quary

Today, so I have to go to her house and let the heat out to the living room.

Yesterday, I walked 4 miles to the red barn and back, but that was the first walk since last Tuesday.  Too busy and too cold.

Helen has given me a number that I can download ebooks from the library out where she is now.  I can also download ebooks for our local library which is connected to the download library for the whole state of Arkansas.  When I go to our library site, it says the Arkansas state library has a little more than 15,000 ebooks available.  Helen's little library has over 71,000 books available.  Still, I have read most of the books I want to read from either library.  Currently I am on a waiting list at both libraries for the Alexander Hamilton book.  I always thought of Alexander Hamilton as an aristocrat, but in reality he was a penniless starving orphan from Barbados.  I have been on the western sky list for about a month and am still far from the top.  I added my name to the Arkansas list this morning.  There are 32 people waiting here.  I will see which one I get first.

I just read The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein.  It is about growing up Jewish in England in the early 1900,  It is a very good book.  Harry wrote it when he was in his 90's.  He wrote a couple more before he died in 2011.  After I read or not the 3 I have downloaded now, I am going to see if they have his other books,

Last night I made pork steaks and fired potatoes.  I love fried potatoes.  They were not all eaten, so I am having fried potatoes for breakfast.  Today I am making chicken and homemade noodles for Helen and Hannah. They both love homemade noodles in our chicken and noodles.  I prefer boughten noodles for both taste and convenience.

Here comes the sun.  Time to get busy,

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