Sunday, January 08, 2017

Good time to read...

Because it is colder than cold.

This was Helen's house Friday morning as I went to work.  Outside 14 degrees, inside 40 degrees.  That is with the heat shut off to this room.  Not too bad.

Yesterday at 7:30,

Outside 6 degrees, inside 35.  My thermometer at my house said 8.  My truck agreed.  After checking her house, I went looking for pictures.  At the top of Meek hill it was 5 degrees and dropped to 4 down by Coin.  At the top of Morris Hill, it was 2 degrees.

I saw several Eagles, lots of Hawks, and a buzzard sitting in a tree. Buzzards are always flying or eating on the ground, never just sitting.

Over by Peden's chicken houses.

Flying away.  The eagles usually sit and ignore me, the hawks often fly away before I can get a picture.

Juvenile eagles over the top of Penden's chicken houses.

Buzzard, just waiting for warmer weather.

Hawk being harassed by the crows.

Eagle at the top of Morris hill, out in the field.

Home, far, far away.


And Goats getting fed.

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Sister--Three said...

Infant walk in this cold!