Monday, July 18, 2016

Salina KS tonight, home tomorrow

And Robert says it is the second best motel  ever after the one with a view of the junk yard cause this one is next to a truck stop.

We will all be glad to get home.  Kids will be glad to see their dog.  They keep asking if we can take the dog next time.  I keep saying no way.

On this trip I read one of my dollar books, 'Life is so good' about George Dawson, a black man born inn 1898.  It is a really good book that I will pass on to sister.
"It's not just the children. It's the grown-ups too. Some people are growing children, not raising children, and there's a big difference."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, people grow hogs. You give them a place to live, give them all the food they need to keep growing, and make sure that they don't get sick on you. With children you got to raise them. Of course, you feed and clothe them. But a parent has to take the time to teach them right and wrong. A parent has to discipline them. And a parent got to be there to listen to them, help them with their problems. I think most people do their best, but there are some parents these days that are growing children, not raising children.


If I do not go back to work until Monday as planned, I will have worked 2 days in 4 weeks.

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