Friday, July 22, 2016

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig

Good to be home, but I have spent 2 days doing the washing.  Think I am done now.

It is really hot  here.

We have plenty of tomatoes and are really enjoying them.  The boy and girl really enjoy them.  Some of my plants have a disease and are dying, but I planted 2 rows so we still have tons.  I watered them yesterday.

I am pleased that I finally got my garmin watch and my phone to mate.  Now my walking is stored on my phone so I can see previous days.  But, my knee is still pretty bad so I don't walk much.  Yesterday, I went to Dan's and back, 1 mile. The software updated, so, it now shows the weather.  It says it is 73 here now.  It also changed so that when I raise the watch to look at it, the face auto lights up.  I already liked the watch, but now I really like it.

Helen texted us when she touched down in Washington, but I have not heard from her since.  I am going to call her later.  It is only 6 there now.

Three more days and back to work.  I will  have worked only 2 days in 4 weeks when I go back.  I wonder if they missed me.


Sister--Three said...

When you post like this the photo is blank.
Helen, can you see a picture?

Sister--Three said...

I can see the pic now. What did u do.

Sister--Helen said...

I see pictures...Bet probably needs new glasses...Dem convention starts tonight...I hope one night I get to hear Bill